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About Us

A simple platform allowing crypto investors to earn passive income through sophisticated options strategies without giving up control of their assets.


Your crypto.

Your wallet.

Higher returns.

Lower risk.

100% transparency.

100% of the time.

We never control your crypto or move it into any sort of centralized wallet. Whether you set up a wallet with us or connect an external wallet, your crypto stays there.

We empower you to earn more, reduce risk and lower volatility using some of the oldest, most proven & well-researched options strategies. Our rates range from 5% to over 80%!

No jargon, just 4 easy steps:​

  1. Pick a crypto

  2. Choose buy or sell

  3. Set your price

  4. Select a date & EARN!

Know the exact earning amount before you commit.

Simple to use.

Easy to understand.

When you earn, it's easy to see the exact path of your crypto on the blockchain. You can always see where it's locked for earning and what happens when you buy or sell.

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